LONGRUN 3.6KW-10.2KW High efficiency off grid inverter

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LONGRUN off-grid inverters are efficient and reliable solutions for powering off-grid solar systems. It features a sleek and compact design with easy-to-operate touch keys and a one-touch factory reset function to ensure a hassle-free user experience. This inverter is ideal for a variety of off-grid locations such as homes, farms, cabins and RVs. Its outstanding performance and advanced features ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. LONGRUN off-grid inverter is also compatible with a variety of solar panels, suitable for different geographical locations and climates.

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LONGRUN is a leading manufacturer of off-grid inverters, providing reliable and stable power solutions for various applications.  LONGRUN off-grid inverter is a pure sine wave inverter that provides clean and stable AC power for sensitive electronic equipment. It is also highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for use in remote or challenging environments. LONGRUN off-grid inverters are designed to provide reliable power for off-grid solar systems, incorporating advanced technology and high-quality components. Pure sine wave output ensures stable and reliable power supply, low harmonic distortion rate, less than 3%. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications such as telecommunications, emergency power and remote industrial sites. LONGRUN off-grid inverters are also extremely durable and resistant to harsh conditions. It features a rugged design with a high-temperature housing and built-in fan for cooling, allowing it to operate over a wide temperature range (-20°C to 50°C). The inverter is also capable of absorbing high voltage surges and has a high degree of electrical isolation, ensuring that it is well protected against lightning strikes and other electrical disturbances. In terms of specifications, Longrun off-grid inverters provide an output capacity of 3.6kW-10.2kW, and the highest efficiency can reach 90%. It features a multi-function display panel that allows users to monitor input/output voltage, battery capacity and system status. The inverter can also be connected to a remote monitoring system for more advanced control and monitoring options. In conclusion, LONGRUN off-grid inverter is a reliable and high-quality choice for off-grid power solutions. Its pure sine wave output ensures sensitive electronics are protected, while its resistance to harsh environmental conditions means it can be used in a variety of settings.  With a range of output capacities and advanced monitoring options, LONGRUN off-grid inverters are an excellent choice for those looking for a stable and sustainable power solution.

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    1.Can I have my own custom design for products and packaging?


    Yes, you can use OEM according to your needs. Just give us the artwork you designed


    2.What’s the lead time for mass production


    – It depends on the actual situation. 48V100ah LFP battery pack,3-7 days with stock, if without stock, that will be depends on your order quantity, normally needs 20-25 days.


    3.How’s your quality control system?


    – 100% PCM test by IQC.


    – 100% Capacity test by OQC.


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    – Fast Delivery in 10 days.


    – 8h response & 48h solution.


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