Solar inverter

  • LONGRUN 3.6KW-10.2KW High efficiency off grid inverter

    LONGRUN 3.6KW-10.2KW High efficiency off grid inverter

    LONGRUN off-grid inverters are efficient and reliable solutions for powering off-grid solar systems. It features a sleek and compact design with easy-to-operate touch keys and a one-touch factory reset function to ensure a hassle-free user experience. This inverter is ideal for a variety of off-grid locations such as homes, farms, cabins and RVs. Its outstanding performance and advanced features ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. LONGRUN off-grid inverter is also compatible with a variety of solar panels, suitable for different geographical locations and climates.

  • LONGRUN 4kw-10kw grid connected three-phase inverter

    LONGRUN 4kw-10kw grid connected three-phase inverter

    LONGRUN three-phase grid-connected inverters are among the most advanced and efficient on the market. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, these inverters produce high-quality, grid-compatible power output with minimal energy loss. Their smart inverter technology monitors and controls energy production in real time, optimizing the performance of solar PV systems and ensuring maximum efficiency. For residential applications, LONGRUN offers a range of solar inverters designed for home use, providing reliable and cost-effective energy solutions for homes of all sizes. With advanced functions such as surge protection, short circuit protection and overload protection, LONGRUN’s inverter is a safe and reliable choice for any solar power generation system. industry

  • LONGRUN 1KW-6KW grid connected single-phase inverter

    LONGRUN 1KW-6KW grid connected single-phase inverter

    LONGRUN single phase inverters are popular for their excellent performance and reliability. These inverters are available for wholesale purchase and come in a range of power outputs including 3000 watts and 1500 watts. ┬áThe 3kw inverter is especially suitable for large residential and commercial applications. These inverters feature advanced technology to ensure maximum efficiency and durability, ensuring your investment will last for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality inverter for your home or business, LONGRUN is the name you can trust to deliver the power and performance you need.

  • LONGRUN 4KW-12kw hybrid three-phase inverter

    LONGRUN 4KW-12kw hybrid three-phase inverter

    Longrun three-phase hybrid inverter is the perfect solution for solar power generation systems with energy storage and backup power needs. They are designed to efficiently and safely convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current for home or office use. These inverters are also compatible with 24V battery systems and offer a range of protection features including overvoltage and short circuit protection and built-in rectifiers. The combination of solar panels, energy storage systems and Langrun hybrid inverters creates a sustainable and efficient power source. Whether you need hybrid inverters, three-phase inverters, energy storage system inverters, solar inverters, rectifiers, exide inverters or 24V inverters, Longrun can provide you with reliable and efficient products..